American Industrial Technology (AIT) is a leading industrial education and training company. We guide employees to excel in their knowledge and technical capabilities within the manufacturing industry. AIT gives you the confidence to rise to a higher position and experience level. We overcome the lack of training and guidance by bringing you the best hands-on experience and industry knowledge from our guided training specialists.

Mission Statement

American Industrial Technology offers real world skills and training that can be used immediately to enhance productivity for employers and employees.

The idea behind American Industrial Technology is to offer these real world skills that can be used immediately in a field that offers a wage that provides an affordable living.

This accomplishes 2 goals:

  1. Gives a trade that is usable in the real world to employees.
  2. Gives the employer a qualified individual to fill their needs in skilled workers.

The core of the business will be educating the future skilled workers of today and tomorrow. Our training programs and course offerings compliments the educational side. It is a win win.

AIT is here to provide employees an opportunity to enhance their skills and understandings. We’re an institution that helps employers bridge the gap between employee education and employee technical capabilities.

AIT gives the knowledge and skills needed for your employees to succeed in today and tomorrow’s world!

We plan to start our journey training individuals and team members in Ohio, starting from Northeast, Ohio. For the first two years, we plan to offer training to manufacturing companies. However, once we receive an accreditation, we shall provide training in the following sectors:

  • Manufacturing operators
  • Retail sales associates
  • Foodservice workers and more
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Industry Leading Teachers

Meet our Instructors

Educating a Brighter Manufacturing Future

American Industrial Technology plans to lead the market when it comes to training and education for skilled workers. We’re currently based in Ohio, and we prepare to excel in the skills of the youths. Likewise, we have fantastic team members who have long-term market experience.

While the CEO Jerry D. Wear himself holds the post of instructor, too, his long-term experience, exceptional leadership track record, deep strategic expertise, and unique ability to forge long-standing client relationships drive transformation and manage technological disruption. 

Meanwhile, Austin Falcone and Andrew Maguire are the second and third in command. Both the members are exceptional team leaders with a vision to excel in their areas of understanding.